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  • Company trip

  • Regular party

  • Birthday's gift

  • Year-end party

  • YONYU Foundation - Children's education and reward (above high school)

  • Canteen and lunch subsidy

  • Performance bonus/ Year-end bonus

  • Excellent performance of department staff selection

  • Employee of the year selection and senior staff praise

  • Labor, health and team insurance

  • Maternity leave

  • Parental leave

Annual Excellent Employees and Senior Employees Election and Celebration

Annual Company Trip

Seasonal Birthday Party

Recreation Facilities

Seasonal gathering and dining


Annual Party

Learning and Training in YY

Purpose: To ensure the sustainable development and enhance the competitiveness of the company, YY training system is built according to the human resource regulations. The adequate training and positive attitude provided in the YY training system enhance professional skills and elevate the work efficiency and quality of the employees.

Types of Training: on board training and on job training

  • On board training

  • General Training: the purpose of general training is to provide the new staff general lessons and to facilitate the interdepartmental communication.

    Professional training: the purpose of professional training is to provide the new staff the corresponding knowledge and skill of the position.

  • On job training

  • The objectives of the on job training are as following

    1. Provide adequate lessons to fulfill the functional needs of the position

    2. Provide adequate lessons in order to ensure the sustainable development of the company

    3. Provide adequate lessons according to the related regulations

Training record and assessment: All trainings of entire staff is recorded in the “training record card”, and the training assessment would be taken into consideration of the annual performance review.

Pictures of the training

Fire Drill

Leader workshop

How to apply

  • through our website

  • Complete Y.Y. application form and submit to Human Resource [email protected]

  • through

  • Link to 104, search "精奕興業股份有限公司" and submit your resume through 104.

Application Process

Application Process